Pioneer Press review of HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES

I’m very pleased to announce an excellent Saint Paul Pioneer Press review of my novel HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES. Mary Ann Grossman selected it a must for your reading list. She’s done a great job of pulling together and reviewing a number of books that would make great holiday reading.

I am so grateful. Here’s where to buy the book:

I want you all to  review books that you read. I want everyone to review books whether they like them or not. It’s like pulling teeth to get readers active; but in the new publishing-reading-authorship economy, reader participation is everything. 

I’m always the teacher, and have long known that if one reads a book with an expectation of reviewing it, the reading is more thorough and enjoyable and the resulting review has more depth and relevance; this can also lead to the reader getting back to his or her own writing. FB and social media is great but we all need to spend more time sharpening our intellects.

Books by Minnesota authors to savor on the long holiday weekend


One thought on “Pioneer Press review of HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES

  1. Hmmmm… not what I as thinking of, exactly. I was hoping you would copy the text of the review into a blog post then add some other stuff. And most importantly, paste the cover of HLS into the post with the link attached, not just include a text link. The review is too good not to make available to readers, who may be motivated to buy the book after reading it.

    I think the focus of the post should remain on the book itself, not on promoting book reviews. That could be another post. The review should be used to help sell the book to readers. Really don’t want to waste that review by not sharing it broadly in your post.

    If you don’t have time to do this right now, don’t fret. The review will be good for 6-12 months, and we can get it loaded up in the next couple of weeks as well and then let it run.


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