Freedom from Lies

Certain people aren’t going to like this, and others will think knowingly It’ll never happen…He’s a dreamer. Well, right now we need a little dreaming, and we need it all over the world. 

We need to make corporate and governmental lying taboo, an anathema, something people are prosecuted for–jailed. In the USA ‘purgery’ is a felony. Why do we tolerate lies from our elites? Why should anyone, anywhere in the world, tolerate lies from their leaders? I’m not talking inauthentic opinions or ‘fudging’ the truth–that will never be stopped–I’m talking about deliberate, outright, bold-faced lies.

For most of human history leaders have got away with lying to the people, but after the 2016 Clinton-Trump election debacle, isn’t it obvious that if we fail do something about political lying, the center will cease to hold and our democratic way of life will become anarchic. The same can be said for corporate lying and the whole ‘truth-in-advertising’ issue. With the growth of social  media and multiple news sources, the old balance has shifted and now seven billion people are on the verge of chaos.

Humans always lie. I’m not talking about being brutally honest when the love of your life asks if that dress makes her look fat. Don’t say yes. You’ll have a bad week. But that is what I think of as domestic lying. It’s kind of normal. It’s not harmful or manipulative. It’s the opposite of corporate or political lying. 

Individuals and websites have taken stands in this direction, but these are perceived as oppositional to ‘the system’. We need our democratic representatives to introduce honesty legislation WITHIN the system. That way it would remain legitimate within the constitutions of the various governing bodies that would attempt this revolution. 

Let’s start a debate here about what has already been done and what there is still to do.


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